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“Finding the right counsellor is a personality fit, something I understood within minutes of meeting Angela. In our first session she succeeded where another therapist for two years previously had failed: to break down my walls and help me gain real insight into myself. She was warm and engaging, I felt able to articulate myself like never before, and from that day forward every session was productive whether I emerged smiling or crying.

“Over the course of a year and a half with Angela I found a clarity and resilience that were new and overwhelming, and began to turn things around. In March of last year we both felt that I was strong enough to conclude our sessions, and since then I have gone on to enjoy the greatest joys and successes of my life so far, and have emerged from the ashes of a failed marriage to find love again. My whole life has changed dramatically, and I barely know the broken person I once was.

“I owe so much to Angela's gentle guidance, and I'll be sure to check in with her again if I ever need it.”

I just wanted to say how truly grateful to my core I am to you for all your deep listening, amazing insight, incredible wisdom and help so far. I feel like yours has been the hand that is helping me cross over into a whole new land I didn’t know existed. And your advice and insight has breathed life back into parts of me that I thought were dead and forgotten. Cheesie, sorry! But really and truly thank you so, so much for all the effort and knowledge and learning and energy that takes and for sharing the lessons you’ve learned through life with me. I often think about how incredibly, amazingly, divinely lucky it was that I found you and where would I be without your help. There’s so much more I want to say but sadly I am not gifted enough a writer at all to be able express it.

“A few years ago everything in my life seemed to be falling apart, I was very unhappy at work and my personal life was a mess. I didn't know what to do and thought I would try counselling again to try to find some stability and myself once more. I had tried counselling previously with another counsellor but didn't really feel much benefit.

“Angela helped me to face many issues that I had within me that I perhaps wasn't ready to deal with before or wasn't even aware of. I'm a slow learner, so it took a while, but with Angela's help I was able to recognise many negative patterns and start to undo destructive learnt habits. There was never any judgement, just patience, kindness, compassion and an ear always willing to listen.

“The key to finding a better place was working things out for myself. Angela would never tell me what to do or give me the answers, she would always ask the questions that would allow me to work things out for myself, no matter how long it took, which gave me a real sense of empowerment throughout the process. Thanks to Angela I am far better equipped to deal with my anxieties and self doubts and am able to see life in a far more positive light. My life has turned around drastically and I am really looking forward to the year ahead. I will forever be grateful. Thank You.”

“I have seen Angela on a weekly basis for over 2 1/2 years and I can honestly say her skill and care has literally been a life changing whilst I struggled to recover from a breakdown. Despite being 20 years my junior it became clear early on that the age difference was completely irrelevant. This is due to her exceptional wisdom and her rare ability to truly empathise, regardless of our different life stages and experiences.

“Initially I was resistant to committing to weekly therapy due to the cost element (although Angela certainly does not overcharge for her services). However I soon began to experience the power of the weekly session and the difference it made to my recovery. For some time I was pretty fragile and just knowing that Angela was therapeutically there for me and only a week or a few days away from a session gave me a sense of safety and of being cared for. There is also a flow to therapy and the space to go deeper when it is on a weekly basis.

“Angela is compassionate, steadfast, calm and insightful. She is easy to trust as she is utterly authentic and I was able to bring my deepest fears and emotions to the sessions without fear of judgement, or for that matter overwhelming her with my own pain. Angela is strong and very calm and this was particularly helpful when I was having a bad week. I never failed to leave a session without feeling better and more able to cope with the challenges I was facing.

“Thanks to our sessions, I am now greatly recovered and strong enough to continue my journey (for the time being) without therapy, however Angela remains in my psyche walking with me, keeping me strong and for that reason she will always be an important part of my life. That has been her gift to me.

“For anyone considering therapy I cannot recommend Angela enough as she is a truly talented therapist.”

“When we started looking for some help to overcome the problems in our relationship we were drawn to Angela’s website as she seemed open, gentle and relaxed in her text and we were interested in the Imago Therapy. We spent several weeks visiting Angela on a weekly basis and during this time Angela created a warm, supportive environment in which we felt comfortable to explore our deepest thoughts and feelings, enabling us to really hear each other and empathise in each other’s experiences. We got to know each other better (even though we have been together 16 years) and learned some really valuable communication skills that we can use whenever we feel unheard by each other.

“Angela is very human and warm, and welcomes whatever you bring to the room. It feels like you are talking to a friend and we both think she is amazing.

“We missed her when we reached the end of our sessions, but we came away with a renewed humour and light-heartedness in our relationship and a whole set of skills to draw from should we need them. Thank you, Angela.”

“Like many of those who seek counselling, I met Angela during what was a particularly difficult period in my life. To have someone with Angela's patience and understanding to go to, even for just one hour a week, provided me with an invaluable anchor and prevented me from being overcome during the time between sessions.

“Further to this, when I felt able, and in my own time, Angela helped me to explore the deep, underlying issues that were feeding in to my difficulties coping day to day. Angela is very open to different avenues of approach in this regard and extremely creative in suggesting methods of reducing stress, anxiety, and seeing problems in a new light.

“To a prospective client, I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

“I realised that i didn't really manage to say what i wanted to say on Tuesday. I really do want to thank you for the last two years, for being part of my journey from sad and confused to – i hope – more balanced and slightly less confused :)

“The more I look back at it, the more I realise that I have come quite far. It may look trivial to those on the outside, but the last 6 months in particular have been eye opening and i feel like I am in so much more control of myself, and more sure about who I am and how I want to be, and even more so what I don't want be.

“I could not have done that without you and our sessions. So i really want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for an amazing journey and for being a great listener and guide through hours and hours of conversations with emotions, laughs and tears. Thank you!”

“I decided to undertake some counselling on my own in order to help me make some changes in my marriage that I could be responsible for. Angela has asked the right questions and where appropriate, provided guidance that has helped me to understand and reflect on his point of view – without judgement and with empathy. This has been a breakthrough. I appreciate her warmth and support as well as the odd gentle nudge to take action. She has provided some really sensible ideas and ways for me to engage with my husband in a way I haven’t known how to do before.”

“I woke up in the middle of the night, my body shaking with anxiety and I could not shake the feeling. Where had it come from? It came all of a sudden and I started to panic! Why was it here, why had this happened?

“I was extremely lucky to have a good friend staying with me who tried to keep me calm as I cried. We talked a long time and she recommended I speak to someone. It was something I'd never ever considered before, so we searched the Internet for someone local and read up on it.

“Angela was the first person I came across and I booked myself in. I was apprehensive, scared and feeling very vulnerable.

“After the introductions I broke down in tears saying 'I just want to be back to the old me.'

“Angela gave me some techniques to connect myself back with the here and now, to try and get myself grounded again. Bear in mind I'd come from a very solid and level-headed background, so all these feelings were somewhat of a shock to me and I didn't know how to deal with them or where they'd come from.

“We went through breathing exercises, journeys through the mind with different scenarios and what they meant. We talked a lot, Angela listened a lot and we determined that, through my life, a lot had happened where I hadn't been vocal and had buried a lot of my feelings, and that one day I'd met someone who was so special and extremely nice to me that I just didn't know how to deal with it. I'd built up barriers inwardly and was not wanting to let them down, but he pushed them down and out came years of turmoil through my body. It is amazing how much the body and mind are really connected.

“In some ways I'm glad it happened as it made me talk to somebody to really make myself understand. I'm now much stronger and can assess what I need to do and how it isn't worth allowing things to build up. You need to let things out. Not everyone is going to like you, but that is OK. Be you and that is the best thing for you.

“I do feel sad that having Angela in my life for a year, she knows all about me but I bet there is so much to know about Angela which I would love to know, I guess that is the way of counselling. Thanks, Angela, for all your help. I could not have done it without you!.”

“We approached Angela for help through couples counselling. Angela was a calming influence in a difficult dialogue. She gave direction to our conversation and helped us view the other person's intention as it was meant. We are grateful for the sincere approach to our difficulties and although circumstances prevent us from continuing at present, we know we will be back. We gladly recommend Angela.”

“Seeing Angela is a step I should have taken long ago. Angela has created a safe environment where I feel comfortable to open up and discuss my issues.

“Just talking instead of bottling up feelings has started me on the road to a better place. Angela listens but never judges and coaches you to deal with situations and feelings and not ignore them.

“I would recommend Angela for someone who, like me, thought they would never take the step into counselling but is glad they did.”

“Before I met Angela, almost a year ago, I felt my life was going nowhere. I was depressed and struggled to deal with the aftermath of a broken long-term relationship and felt like my problems were in-built and incurable. My first session was very emotional, but thanks to Angela's genuine, supportive and non-judgmental approach I felt comfortable talking about the things that made me seek counselling in the first place.

“Therapy has had a significant positive impact on my life and I feel Angela helped me to work through many underlying issues that I had no idea were the problem. She was really thorough and we went back to childhood to tackle my core beliefs, which was a major breakthrough for me. I finally started to make progress and gained self-knowledge to the extent that I am feeling far more confident of being able to cope with various issues and understand myself better.

“Thanks to Angela I simply feel hopeful. I am not fully 'cured' but sessions with her have definitely changed my life for the better and I look forward to continuing working with her.”

“Angela has a wonderful approach to counselling. Not only does she create a safe and reassuring environment where thoughts can easily be shared, she also has a great skill in adapting to the needs of the client. She guides gently by asking the right questions that help one help oneself. I am delighted to have chosen her as my counsellor.”

“We approached Angela for couples counselling with big life decisions ahead of us. She conducted our discussions with clear direction while giving us space to hear each other in a conducive atmosphere. Our conversations concluded with positive changes we wanted to make together. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to move forward.”

“Angela and her sessions have had such a positive impact on my life that I struggle to know where to begin in thanking her.

“Angela has a natural gift in providing gentle guidance that has given me the space and opportunity to explore my life and direction in a way which I believe would not have been possible without her. Thank you, I am eternally grateful.”

“The key is that the balance is just right. A friendly and helpful listener who makes you feel totally at ease, Angela offers guidance and support while prompting you to think about what you're experiencing in a different way and from a different perspective. Our sessions encouraged me to look closely at day to day situations and recognise patterns of behaviour, giving me the foundations from which to address them in a positive way.”