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What are Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Counselling and Psychotherapy are processes that seek to support you in understanding yourself and your situation, through which you can resolve your difficulties, become more autonomous and make freer choices.

Counselling helps to resolve immediate difficulties in the shorter term, and psychotherapy involves deeper, longer-term work. We can discuss what will serve you best in the first session.

It can feel really hard to reach out and make contact with a therapist. You might think you 'should' be able to cope alone. I work with a lot of people each week who come for a wide variety of reasons, so you aren't alone in what you're experiencing and you definitely don't have to cope alone.

People come because they are facing a crisis, struggling with loss, grief, low self-esteem, divorce, depression, illness, frustration at work, parenthood, ageing, redundancy, childhood trauma, fear of intimacy, feelings of hopelessness… or for many other reasons.

Inner Clarity Counselling and Psychotherapy brings clarity and light to your inner world – even if you can't easily articulate what you're feeling or what the root of your challenges might be.

Together we embark upon a gentle, respectful enquiry into whatever is causing you difficulty or pain and explore what needs to happen internally and externally for you to find a better way forward. We explore patterns and tendencies that have served you in the past, but may now be preventing you from living fully and happily.

In time you begin to feel more comfortable in your own skin, more alive, more joyful – more truly you.