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My Practice

In my practice the work we do is positive, affirming, clarifying and life-changing. At times it can also be challenging and difficult, but with my support and your determination you can continue the journey to setting yourself free, moving from inner to outer change and realising your full potential.

My core counselling training is in Psychosynthesis, a practical system of self-understanding and development created by Dr Roberto Assagioli early last century. Its perspective and methods form a valuable part of my counselling toolkit. Additionally, I am fully trained and certified in Imago Relationship Coaching and have further training and experience in other disciplines.

Psychosynthesis holds that life is a journey on which challenges and pain can offer us opportunities for growth, understanding and transformation. Its essential aim is to help us harmonise all the different aspects of our personality and thereby discover who we really are and come out of what we are not. This synthesis also nurtures our creative potential, increases our ability to live with confidence and harmony in the world and improves the quality of our relationships. It allows us to develop an inner spaciousness and to connect with our own innate wisdom – and then apply this in everyday life.

Relationship Coaching improves the quality of relationships with one or many people, whether at home, work or play. I combine Imago and Psychosynthesis methodologies when working with couples or individuals who come for couples counselling or relationship coaching. Imago is the most effective model I have found for working with couples as it combines different approaches to enable couples to move, often astonishingly swiftly, from a place of disconnection and despair to one of connection and hope. It is also possible to work on improving a relationship even if your partner is not willing or able to attend sessions with you.

Other Disciplines Where appropriate, I draw on aspects of psychodynamic, humanistic and gestalt models. I have had additional training in CBT, a foundations course called ‘CBT with Heart’, and I draw on those techniques if needed.

All this enables me to fully shape my way of working to suit individual therapeutic needs.

I am a fully insured registered member of BACP (Registered No: 715984) and I abide by its code of ethics. I am in regular supervision.

If you would like to meet me, please contact me. I meet with individuals and couples online via Zoom. My fees are £65 per 50-55 min session for counselling individuals and £140 or £170 per 90-120 min session for couples, as shown on my FAQ page.